Released chapter sisters that been there speak out!

The released chapter of s.t.b.t speaks out to you These women are making great progress in there journey and they will be graduating soon. I admire these women i learn so much from them and want to share with you women who have been left to fend for them selfs and still made it out with a great additude about life. sisters that been there speak out to there community!Image


Ty: age 31 “Now I am in need of childcare with no helpin getting her in”

Tiffany: age 24 “Wait for their time to be served the exposure can make or break you “

Gina: age 43 “I yearn for the responsibility”of i could just get out”i could change my whole life.”i yearn for the responsibility,wanted to struggle with open arms.”

gab: age 25 “No freedom to put my hand on the doorknob ,turn it and put my foot out the door.”i choose time with my family over time with my so called friends that will just lead to time alone with pictures on a wall & a video playing in my head.

cindy: age 54 “This group has inspired me to not ever want to trade my struggles for a jail or prison cell ever again”

jackie: age 62 “I was the “go to” person and they had no one to go to.after the meeting i felt further incarcerated due to the restrictions of my probation.”

barbara: age 59 “prison has taken away 2 years of my life,wich is very precious tp me”

lori: age 29 “When you do the right thing you feel good about yourself” 




Fresh Out Of Prison: Sonia Herrera

 My name is Sonia Herrera, i’m fresh out of prison and in the one week i’ve been in the community i’ve had to”jump through many hoops,”with very little direction from the county.I want to tell you  getting out of prison with only $200  no clothes,shoes, hygene etc… has done absolutely nothing for me.Today i live to do the next right thing and am doing what it takes to stay clean off of drugs. I’m extreamly motivated and determined to create this positive change in my life,however I also know this time around that in life we are always gonna run into obstacles.Some i just don’t understand, i want so bad to do good but its a struggle when i have no money for bus fare. So yesterday i had a required aponitment  at evanslane with my case manager to set up dr. appt.’s/meds,groups.My case worker tells me that i’m required to attend groups daily mon.-fri. 9-10 am.wich i have no problem complying with my only issue is again bus im supposed to be at this place where i should be able to ask for help but there not interested in providing me with any resourses other that what im there case worker tells me they have no funds so i better ask somebody for bus tokens.Im really blown back as i sit in a county office that is claiming to be there to help me but has no options or direction for me. What’s a girl supposed to do when she is eager to do the right thing but is limited because of little or no resources? Society says the community will be a better place if the crime,rate and recidivism drops. But the truth is when people are released from jail or prison they are so eager and have been waiting for that very moment to do good but get let down once they are released stonewalled with no real support from there community county/state agencies. Im fresh out my mind is open and the only question i have today is where do I look for the proper assistance?Imaget