Road Trip To Chowchilla

I believe that we can make a difference by doing the unseen things that it takes for situations to change. I decided to stop in at the Chowchilla Prison for women to send the ladies love through prayer and meditation. They will never know I was there but I know and by doing this I keep my dream a living

I felt connected to a power greater than me and felt like my vison was cleared, my soul desire this journey. I could have stayed there a whole day and night, I almost fell asleep there. I remember watching dances with the wolves as a little girl and I can remember how people felt connected to certain lands as if their soul belonged there and if they felt this they would claim the land as there own.

This is my reality when it comes to my work with these gifted women, I am claiming the land because my soul has chosen this land, “Land of lost dreams”  I’m most clear headed when i’m on the grounds of a institution that holds souls that have lost there way and there dreams there is a peace about the stillness of this land. After all, this is where I got the greatest idea of my life Sisters That Been There!love1


Women Rising A Night of Creative Empowerment

Recently attended the annual women rising night of empowerment and served as a panelist I was able to tell attendees how Stbt got started and where it comes from a great opportunity to receive feed back from you all and I must say I had a great time.
I was asked if I had three demands or wishes for the community what would they be.. my  first thoughts were crazy wild and extreme but my heart spoke up and said TELL THE TRUTH!

Demand #1 was, I demand that you all love the next person you meet that has been recently released weather you think they want it or no I gave full permission for you all to love the next person you meet that has been released. And demanded you do so no matter how much fear fills you we want it and need it.

Demand #2: I demand that all you managers and business owners out there hire the next felon that has the balls to walk into your establishment and ask you for a job. Because if they find the courage to do something so uncomfortable  to us than I can tell you on there behalf that they really want it so please fucken hire them and put there fears of rejection to rest!

Wish#1 My wish is  to have a house just like the one where the event was held  at” BackWater Arts Gallery” to have a drop inn center for women recently released. The home would serve has a home base for the women to help navigate them through their rehabilitation period we would hire women that had the familiar back ground and we would run nightly groups that would provide a family atoms fear for women alike.


The food was great, the creativity was high and energy was pure and women were gifted if you didn’t make it this year theirs always next year. Thank you again to the committee for having me!