Sisters In Humboldt County

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SO Humboldt county has Sister That Been There but no services no support and no guidance. I’ve returned to this county where my journey began and have found it necessary to find the founds and feed the lives of this community that find themselves running into the brick walls that are built in the center of this small Fisher mans/loggers community.

The end of a run in these streets are the same here in Humboldt as many big city’s its a old fashion style know to the convict as cold concrete and and cold cuffs binding not only the physical body  but the spiritual body. So wheres the founds? Lets help them break this cycle and rehabilitate, because like many county’s in the state of California this problem is not subsiding but improvement is taking place in the new reentry program flourishing in many county’s such as Santa Clara L.a. county and many more.

Humboldt County was awarded $20 million in state funding 2015 for the purpose of creating a Humboldt Community Corrections Reentry Resource Center on the east side of the jail. The center proposes to add 44 more beds and would provide educational and treatment programs for inmates and probationers to help transition them back into society.  My concern at this time is why this is not a regular topic on the Board of supervisors weekly  agenda. you would think this would be a hot topic in Humboldt after being denied the first grant proposal.

All it takes is one concerned community member to start a movement I hope my voice is the movement that gets this project move to next months agenda. Id love to know the plans that are being implemented to help the rehabilitating individuals in Humboldt County  and how Sisters That Been There can be apart of Humboldt County realignment-reentry movement .

Stay tuned Sisters That Been There is Here In Humboldt County!