Walk a mile in our shoes



Walk a mile in our shoes I guarantee you’ll feel the blues and get a gimps of the battle your bound to loose

walk a mile in our shoes  and time will drag people on the outs are destined to lag

walk a mile in our shoes feel the importance of mail feel the way it warm’s up even the coldest cell 

walk a mile in our shoes you will see the unseen you will find your self walking in the land of lost dreams

walk a miles in our shoes and you will come to a stop you find a sisterhood that will take you to the top 

walk a mile in our shoe and your destined to win your destined  to have the chance to never go back in 

walk a mile in our shoes you wouldn’t change a thing  take the shoes your wearing and then start comparing

similarity of the women that walked in those shoes are indeed the same women that felt that same exact blues 

walk a mile in our shoes you’ll see the time that dragged is the same time we all had and those people that lagged

were the only people any of us had and the importance of mail is why we can’t fail  the warmth of that cell is what keeps us from jail

the unseen remains the same no need to take on all that shame

that land of lost dreams no longer serves the rehabilitating team

we are on our way to the top because we hold the keys to our own locks

destined to win as long as we don’t run in old circles again 

walk a mile in our shoe — sisters that been there.

By Steeda McGruder